november for elephants

1 November 2004

a great idea from loobylu:

a month of softies.

A Month of Softies is a group craft project which takes place every month and everyone, all over the place, is welcome to participate.

You don’t need to register, be particularly talented, have a website or even know what you are doing with a needle and thread to join in the fun.

It’s so easy! A theme is supplied and it’s your task to create some crafty item which uses this theme as inspiration. The themes will be mostly aimed at people who make dolls, toys, monsters and other such items but can easily be applied to any craft project. You could paint it on something, embroider it on something else, print it all over the place or carve it out of something else again. The more varied the media the more interesting this will be.

the theme for november is the accessorised elephant. my thinking cap is on! (whether i’ll get past thinking remains to be seen but i think it’s a really cool idea.)