New Places To Find Me

18 December 2010

My books database on this site has barely been keeping up with me lately. I decided to move all my reading records over to one of the book catalogue/reading social network sites. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to find one that met my needs… so I now have two external sites full of book info!

You can find me at goodreads, and also at LibraryThing. Goodreads keeps track of the “number of books read” type of statistics that I want. But LibraryThing has a great recommendations engine. No matter what I tried to do with LibraryThing I couldn’t get it to import my “date read” of each book, and it’s also lost the majority of my ~1000 book writeups. Whereas Goodreads has just randomly missed books out when I’ve imported books to it… Neither is perfect for my needs so I’m combining both and ironing out the flaws as I go.

LibraryThing is turning into a list of “every book I’ve ever read” - it’s definitely not just my “home library”. Goodreads is more of a tracking thing. So far.

In time I hope to get the “books read” lists on this sites back in sync with what I’ve actually read. One day.

Another new place to find me in on pinterest, which is some kind of communal pinboard for pretty things. I’m neither quite sure what it is or what it’s for, I’m just enjoying it as I find it!