mothercare basic booster seat

7 September 2006

we bought one of these seats last week for miranda to use at her grandma & grandad’s dining table. cheap and cheerful. and the instructions are wrongly illustrated. it’s simple enough when you’ve sorted it, but impossible if you’ve tried to follow the instructions.

there isn’t one long strap to wrap through the two slits in the chair and then buckle underneath. you can’t splice the two halves of the strap together. what you need to do is put each half of the strap through a separate slit and trust in the sewn together bit on the end to hold the strap to the seat.

also the photo on the web shows the seat strapped to the back of a chair, and the instructions claim it should only be fastened to the seat of a chair. your guess is as good as mine as to which is correct.

zero marks for clarity. and for the “advice line” but i already ranted about that.