i am ...

4 June 2003


  • still here

  • enjoying the sunshine. i like seeing my weatherpixie in her crop top against a starry background.

  • slowly making some sense out of the sweater generator from the knitting fiend.

  • loving knitting with rowan all season’s cotton; it’s nowhere near that pink, it’s more a kind of dusky purple colour. it’s going to be a cardy with some bluey bluey creamy stripes in it in the style of this pattern from the spring issue of knitty. that’s the idea anyway, hopefully it won’t be too wonky.

    • thinking that the worst outcome of knitting something too wonky is a big ball of purple yarn to do something else with.

    • browsing a whole stack of knitting blogs.

    • buying more ikea boxes than will fit in the car.

    • rearranging bookshelves.

    • thinking that if there’s an award for most screwed and unscrewed ikea unit i should be in the running for it. (darren screwed it

      together backwards. i tried to rescue it by unscrewing half of it and

      screwing it back together upside down. realised that it had to be both

      back to front and upside down. unscrewed it completely and screwed it

      together the right way around. then discovered that the only way to

      make it fit was to use it backwards, exactly as it had been to begin

      with. so i unscrewed it and screwed it all back together again exactly

      as it had been before i began. anytime you want the deckchairs on the

      titanic rearranging, just give me a call.)

      • doing zillions of busy work stuffs that is almost universally fun to do.
      • generally being happy and not spending much time on the web really which is why it’s quiet round here.