home sweet home?

7 March 2003

i’ve always had idle day dreams of building my own house some day and watch grand designs religiously to see what they’re going to come up with next. one thing i’ve realised, mostly since buying and moving into a home built in about 1850 with a modernised interior, is that i really like new insides on old buildings.

what i’m trying to think of now is what would be the perfect outside to convert into a home. this series has seen a barn conversion that was a step forward in time from the usual barn conversion thing but i liked the <a href=""http://www.channel4.com/life/microsites/0-9/4homes/grand_designs/derbyshire.html>water works better as a building - i didn’t care for the decor but what a great space. i also liked the textile mill in a previous series (that’s actually only a handful of miles away from me).

there’s a library in chicago that’s been sold as a home conversion project which sounds ace but i’ve a feeling a library is likely to be a bit town-centrish for a home. so i’m still thinking of what interesting building i can seek out and convert…