Definitely Back

8 October 2009

Hooo-blinking-ray! I have finally figured out a way to direct the notes I can add to links with Google Reader into this website. I’d already been using Feedburner to sanitise out a lot of the over the top content from the shared items feed before channelling it into the FeedWordPress plugin. Now I’ve discovered Yahoo Pipes which lets you do fancier things with messing about with RSS feeds. Lovely.

I think I’ve about finished messing around with the site for now. I’m quite happy with the way the new theme has worked out and given me new ideas about what should be here and how it should look. A major reason I wanted to get the whole Google Reader notes thing working properly was because I’ve never really been happy just posting “here is a link” - I much prefer to say “here is a link and here is what I think or why I find it interesting”. After all that’s the whole reason I started a weblog to start with. Without commentary it’s very difficult to post something you disagree with too - it’s like you confer your blessing on anything you link to.

And I’ve got my scrapbook over at Tumblr linked in as well. I always quite liked the service but it was a bit stuck out on a limb.

Plus I’m getting through writing up the reading backlog which also makes me happy. Having things written down about everything I’ve read in the last decade is fabulous and it’s not a habit I want to break.

So now I just need to return to normal service levels - at the moment I want to write everything all at once, link to everything I find good - but I don’t want to end up burnt out with a ghost of a website again next week or next month.