could be good reads

16 April 2003

this selection of books is something i want to keep around to refer to as, although i’ve only read a handful * of the books on the list, i thought that every one of those handful was an excellent book. so it feels like i can trust their opinion.

[found via rebecca’s pocket]

(*) to kill a mockingbird is long due a reread, i read the great gatsby about three years ago and adored it, i think i read the grapes of wrath years ago but i must reread now i’m a grown up, white teeth is probably my least favourite of these books but a stonking good story all the same, a thousand acres is wonderful though i liked smiley’s lidie newton book better myself, also the weight of water which again isn’t shreve’s best work as far as i’m concerned - try strange fits of passion instead, the handmaid’s tale should go down in history as a classic, and finally captain corelli’s mandolin is another book well worth the effort of reading. actually i’ve just spotted birdsong on the list and i couldn’t get into that book, must try again, but i still think the list promises great things.