clouds, cauldrons and colonies

10 October 2002

there’s a collective noun for everything from an aarmory of aardvarks through to a yoke of oxen. this collective of nouns differentiates between the “submitted” and the merely “suggested” but it does think the collective noun for bats is a cloud. and it’s the number one hit on google for “collective noun bats”.

i think the collective noun for bats is a cauldron. i first realised we were coming up on halloween when it appeared in this websites top search terms today. i’m number two on google for that search term. i haven’t a clue what my source was.

number three on google merely asks the question “what is a group of bats called?”; number four thinks bats come in colonies; and number five doesn’t even ask the question, yet alone give an answer.

sorry gentle reader, but the answers just aren’t here (or there).