categorising cake

6 February 2003

thinking about the guy in the portacabin next to the polo making machine led me on to thinking about my own teenaged summers working for mr kipling and i’ve found the manor bakeries website which will answer all your burning questions like:

why do people buy cake?

now i would have thought this was pretty obvious, albeit open to subsiduary questions like “why don’t people bake cakes?” for instance. but manor bakeries have excelled themselves with a chart breaking down the categories of cakes. it’s a thing of great, if somewhat surreal, beauty, go and see.

i’d also like it to be on the record that you can indeed eat as much cake as you like whilst working in a cake factory and that although the theory behind this is that you get sick of it after a while it doesn’t work. i can still eat as many mini battenburgs as you can throw at me. though i don’t think i’ve eaten a fondant fancy since.