7 January 2004

how many brand logos can you draw off the top of your head? the one’s in this austrian survey are

  • adidas
  • lacoste
  • apple
  • maggi
  • bp
  • peugeot
  • coca cola
  • philips
  • eskimo (walls in the uk)
  • toyota
  • iglo
  • i don’t even know what brand the last one is

have a go yourself before clicking through to see them. i’d have done lousily. i think apple and bp are the only ones i’d have managed a reasonable hash at.

and i wouldn’t have done much better on pete bevin’s list of american logos over at write only media either.

[i’ve a fair idea on pepsi (round thing with a sort of wave across it, red and blue), texaco (black circle with red star), nike (big tick), gap (tall skinny white letters on dark blue), mcdonalds (golden arches) and kelloggs (big red loopy k), i know about the backward R in toys r us, i can see in my head the round starbucks logo with a woman (mermaid?) in it but couldn’t hope to put it down on paper, i think ikea is just blocky writing in yellow on blue, no idea on the others.]