1 November 2002

view of the solent at lymington

there are rather a lot of boats at lymington. i used to live on the other side of southampton water from here where there were also rather a lot of boats but you still forget quite how many of them there can be in such a small bit of water.

i managed to find some open stretches of the solent to photograph, they need somewhere to sail the things after all.

there’s an enormous open air seawater swimming pool at lymington which we didn’t find time to take a dip in. they were using half of it for canoeing when we walked past and the remaining half was still the most enormous pool i’ve ever seen. we’ll have to go back as it looked like a great place to spend a sunny summer’s day. (and looking back through my photos it looks like we have more sunny summer’s days in england than we generally remember in the depths of winter. either that or i only take photos during the ten minutes when the sun is out. hmmmm.)