April Baking

8 May 2013

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This is the round up of my baking endeavours for April. The aim is to reach 52 during 2013.

  • Quorn Bacon & Leek QuicheQuorn Bacon & Leek Quiche

Another quiche. Not terribly exciting but I am getting quite good at making these without the aid of a recipe! Nearly forgot to take a photo.

  • Ginger NutsGinger Nuts

These were slightly overdone but good. I overdid the syrup in these and had to add more flour, but preferred them to the ones I have made since so I will do that again.

  • Malt LoafMalt Loaf

My first attempt at making a malt loaf. Soreen must put some kind of colouring in theirs as mine looks very anaemic next to the shop bought version. It was slightly underdone but it kind of didn’t matter as it had the right malt loaf chewiness. I will be making more of this.

  • Mushroom & Asparagus QuicheMushroom & Asparagus Quiche

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of quiches I try to make a double recipe and my pastry wasn’t nearly as good as usual.

  • Mini Asparagus Quiche

Mini Asparagus Quiche

Made at the same time as the mushroom & asparagus one for Miranda who doesn’t like mushrooms, with two extras to make some lunches out of.

  • Pear & Meringue Trifle

Pear & Meringue Trifle

I realised that the rest of the month’s baking was pretty workaday and wanted to jazz it up with something a bit posher. But when my sponge came out of the oven it was too flat and paving slab like for the posh confectionary fingers it was supposed to turn into. So I invented this with some ingredients out of the cupboard instead.

That makes 22/52. Not the most exciting of baking months - I will try and get something more fancy into May…