a couple of late ...

13 August 2001

a couple of late night additions:

i’ve added a whole stack of photos to my photo albums page. these are mainly pics of my holiday in cornwall from the last week in june. that was about the only decent whole week of weather put together that we’ve had this summer so it was a good choice of time to go! or maybe the weather just looks different from a beach in the south west than from an office in the north east. st ives is a gorgeous place to visit. before i went i was worried that it would be too english to feel like a holiday and maybe i’d been spoilt by the beaches of barbados. but the sea is every bit as clear at the tip of cornwall and the arty culture was almost as alien to me as the bajan one!

and an addendum to the rant below about upgrading browsers. i don’t think that discontinuing support for non standard browsers means that you should alienate your content from the aged browser user. i do think that the aged browser user not getting the full benefit of your modern design is fine. that’s the whole idea behing graceful degredation after all. it’s just unfortunate that some of the degredation is ungraceful, mainly on account of its ugliness. and if you’re being paid and you want customers then you owe it to yourself to support as high a proportion of your users as you can. the trade off between ease of design and coding and the look is one only you can make.