35 to go?

28 January 2004

i’ve been to 16/51 of the united states of america.

i make it 15/50 actually, even i know that the district of columbia isn’t a state. this doesn’t include states that i’ve only passed through - i’ve done most of my us travelling by on the ground. it seems a bit of a cheat to say that you’ve been to oregon when you’ve just sat on the train from seattle to san francisco.

i’ve been to a measly 3% of the countries in the world though (not counting amsterdam and istanbul airports for the same reasons as above). (and the map doesn’t seem to work.) i was busy travelling round the states when i should have been interrailing i suppose, must do europe… (must do far east, must do australasia, must do africa, must do middle east, must do south america… but europe is probably most realistic at the mo!)

you can create your own map of the united states or the world.