2023 in Veloviewer

3 January 2024

Featured image for 2023 in Veloviewer

Here are my yearly roundup stats from Veloviewer, this is a follow up to the post I made last year.

Nearly everything went up! Hurray!

  • Longest bike ride was 54km, up from 51km last year.
  • Overall I rode my bike further than last year, 2337km to last year’s 1731km, and I also beat my 2021 total which I didn’t expect to do.
  • I still haven’t run anywhere for a long time, imagine the running stick figure is more of a walking/hiking one.
  • I walked and swam further than the year before. I’m rather surprised by that, I knew I’d done lots of cycling but hadn’t realised I’d done so much walking.
  • My longest walk of 14km was a long leisurely stroll rather than a dedicated walk but I think it still counts. It was an amble all around the city we were thinking of moving to and we were checking out various neighbourhoods. We did move in the summer.
  • Unfortunately you can see quite clearly on the elevation chart when I moved home as I’ve climbed a lot less round here and haven’t got the same elevation stats in as last year.
  • I wanted to aim for at lest an hour a day on average during the year and I managed that quite happily! Since the move I’ve been using my bike for a lot more day to day transport and I think the amount of time I spent biking and walking will both go up in the coming year.

This is the current extent of my veloviewer square around my new home. We’re probably going to move again this year but are likely to stay somewhere near the centre of this map. There are currently two overlapping 5x5 squares giving me a 5x6 rectangle. As you can see from the trails of squares heading off in different directions I’ve taken a number of long rides from here. So far I’ve been interested in exploring as far as I can but I envisage that when the weather cheers up again this year (I’ve had enough of wind and rain lately) I’ll fill in some of the spaces between the squares on this map.

I’m enjoying having a whole new area to explore though I’m also missing the hills. It’s a novelty to be able to get further without getting worn out with climbing. But the flat can get pretty relentless, I miss the break that a long coast downhill gives you. Since my elevation climbed was the only thing that decreased last year I’ll definitely be striking out to find some hills in 2024!

Overall though 2023 was a manic year for me personally and I’m really pleased with having kept up cycling, walking and swimming levels because I think that the exercise and the mental space it creates has been one of the main things keeping me sane.