Firth Jacket

firth jacket
completed firth jacket

this is my firth jacket, knit using six colours of rowan kid classic. it’s my first attempt at fair isle knitting and i love it and think the result is ace. in real life i think the pink colour shows up a bit more than i intended it to [*]but it looks ok in the picture. the pattern is in the a season’s tale book and their version looks like this.

the six colours i’ve used are:

i started this jacket at the beginning of october 2003 and finished it in january 2004. there were a few mishaps along the way.

at the beginning of december i was so nearly finished on the main knitting, just a few more rows to go and raring to get into sewing it all together when i left my knitting in cat-get-attable territory for thirty seconds and i had to rip half of the front out to get rid of the huge stitches that that they’d pulled out for me 🙁 that episode kind of ran me out of momentum for this project and after i finished the knitting i left the parts sitting around for about six weeks before putting the jacket together.

then i nearly came at cropper at the next to last fence. sewing the zip on the front of this jacket was a right pain, the lambswool/mohair blend is gorgeously warm but a right nightmare to slide through the sewing machine. despite having managed to sew zips on the last two jackets i made just fine i managed to a) not sew the zip on entirely centrally, b)cut the front edge of the knitting where the zip is attached and c) sew the zip in backwards so you need to have the jacket on inside out to put it on easily (the previous two jackets had double sided zips that meant i couldn’t bugger this bit up). problem a) will probably never be noticed by anyone but me, problem c) is only a problem for me and i can live with it (and learn from it), problem c) reduced me to a heap of tears but i think i’ve recovered credibly with some relooping and sewing in of very short ends, it doesn’t look too bad and i’m not a perfectionist. but i’ve had enough of zips for a while!

i’m very pleased to be finished!

back of firth jacket

*: i was in the wool shop and my alter ego, girly kirst, was yelling in my ear to quit messing with just the blues and the purples and the greys and the creams and to add a bit of vibrancy to the mix. i’m still not sure if i should have kept her locked her up in the box where i normally keep her hidden from sight.

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