Broadripple Socks

broadripple socks

pattern on broadripple socks

having made three pairs of toe up socks i decided to try something different for my next pair. these are broadripple socks in opal hand painted sock yarn in shade 14. i’m actually using the 72 stitch version of the pattern which is linked from thread bear’s free pattern page.

lonely broadripple sock

i knit the first sock in july 2004. i didn’t get round to casting on for the second sock until october 2004.

i finally finished the socks up on december 18th 2004. as you can probably guess from the time its’ taken me to finish them i’m not that keen on them. the handpainted yarn was gorgeous as a hank but i’m less excited about it knitted up. i wasn’t too sure about the “proper sock heels” either, but they are pretty comfy on on i might be converted yet. i’m going to try something different again for my next pair of socks.

broadripple socks done

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