Booga Bag

booga bag
felted booga bag

i made this bag at the beginning of november 2003 using julie‘s pattern found here. i used noro kureyon in shade 90.

before the bag was felted it looked like this:

felted booga bag

the colours didn’t really change much when i felted it, i kind of thought they’d fade and blur a bit but they are just as jazzy after washing. i’m really impressed with the colours of the kureyon. definitely a yarn i’ll use again.

i’ve never felted anything before and i was a bit worried that it would all go horribly wrong. all the advice online is geared to american style top loading washing machines where you can open the lid at any point and see how things are going on and most instructions suggest putting several pairs of jeans in to help with agitating the fabric. i was concerned that my front loading washing machine would either not felt things well or felt them too well as i can’t get into the machine during the washing cycle. however it worked really well! once through on a 65 degree wash with nothing else in besides the bag was perfect.

i like my bags with long straps so i made a ton of ‘icord’ (what used to be french knitting when i was a kid). i used two balls of wool for the bag and made the entire third ball into cord, resulting in about five metres of the stuff. the handles are now too long for me and i need to shorten them a bit but it’s better than having them be just too short.

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