SoHo Jumper

Miranda in the Snow IV

My first finished object of 2008. I could have (just about) made it the last one of 2007, but I think it might also have been the first FO of 2007 so I think it makes more sense to get an early start in on 2008!

There are more details over on my shiny new ravelry account if you also have an account there. I intend to do more knitting in 2008!

socks in and out!

i’ve finished up my sock pals socks at last, they spent ages waiting for the second toe to get grafted. so close and yet so far. i’ll be putting them in the post tomorrow and sending them on their long journey!

Sockapalooza Socks I

and i feel completely flakey for not having sent my pair of socks off yet because my own gorgeous pair of socks from my sock pal have just arrived, all the way from tuulia in sunny san diego!

Sockapaloooza Socks II

aren’t they lovely? more pics over on my knitting page.

one down, two up

my fingers seem to have forgotten how to knit anything other than socks.

one pair of socks finished in opal prisma:

one pair of socks started for my sock pal in angel yarn:

and another pair of socks started for me in regia atlantic:


i signed up for the sockapaloooza sock exchange! really looking forward to knitting someone else some socks and having some made just for me. knitting starts in february and needs to be done by the end of april which sounds like the kind of thing I can manage. i find so many online knitters seem to crank out knitalongs and exchanges in days rather than months which is too much for me to cope with with a mini-toddler and a business to keep up with. so i usually just watch from the sidelines but i thought i could manage this one. will keep you updated on what socks I choose to knit for my pal.


my booklog has been more or less up to date more or less all along. it is now spookily showing that i’ve read 470 books since the beginning of 2000, one every 4.70 days. which of course isn’t spooky at all. it just means i’ve been logging books read for 2209 days or thereabouts.

my knitting page had got horribly out of date, or at least it looked that way. it’s more or less up to date now, which didn’t take very much doing as i haven’t done that much knitting in the past year. have been busy, as you may have noticed. it’s still missing a few ‘current projects’ which are lying about in various stages of incompleteness, but i’ll get them on when i pick them up again.