Thin Air (Shetland Island, #6)

by Ann Cleeves

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Featured image for Thin Air (Shetland Island, #6)

I’m still a bit dubious about this extension of a quartet of mysteries that I really enjoyed but probably shouldn’t be any more. This was really good and apart from the fact that there really can’t be that many murders in the Shetlands - something that’s always true of many other mystery series set in non-metropolis places - I have no complaints. I found the characters involved in the mystery here, chiefly three women who met at an English university and came to Shetland to celebrate one of them marrying an islander very believable. There’s a good plot with a good ghost (tiny spoiler: [spoilers removed]). I need to read the rest of this series before I forget what’s going on with the ongoing characters again.