The Turning Point

by Freya North

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Featured image for The Turning Point

Chick lit has never really been a big hit with me, I don’t like the name much for a start, but I picked up some of Freya North’s early books sometime back in the 90s and have been keeping up with her, more or less, ever since. The characters have grown up with me. When I started reading the books were about twenty-somethings looking for love, now we have forty-somethings with more complicated lives, they are still open to love, perhaps not actually looking for it, there are provisos and it’s a different beast than it was back then.

This is an intercontinental romance between Frankie, single mum on the Norfolk coast, and Scott, single dad from the mountains of British Columbia. There are aspects of it that I could tear to pieces if I wanted to be snide, and I’m sure other people have, but I don’t want to. It was an enjoyable story to me, I enjoyed sharing the highs with the characters and got very upset over their lows. But I like it when fiction fills me with emotions.