The Pure in Heart (Simon Serrailler, #2)

by Susan Hill

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I liked the first in this series, but completely loved this second book.

You’ll be disappointed if you like your crime novels to get everything resolved and tied up neatly by the end; this is in many ways more of a family saga that happens to feature a policeman and his work. I like it that way, it goes off at all kinds of tangents with minor characters which I found a really entertaining read. I could barely put it down, not because it’s a page-turning thriller but because it’s well written, interesting and I always wanted to know what happened next to the characters, even the nasty seeming ones.

I’m not really sure to be honest why they bill them as ‘Simon Serrailler’ books as he’s only really one of the cast, a central character here more than in the first book but not the only one.