The Long Call (Two Rivers, #1)

by Ann Cleeves

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Featured image for The Long Call (Two Rivers, #1)

I really enjoyed this one. A new series from Ann Cleeves and every bit as good as the other stuff of hers I’ve read (quite a few of the Shetland ones it seems, I thought I’d read some others but I seem to be mistaken on that and ought to remedy it!).

I liked the North Devon setting - as far as I’m concerned you can’t go far wrong as an author with people living in beach houses! The characters were interesting and varied and drove the mystery forward, that includes the police team and I’ll look forward to meeting them again in the future. The mystery itself was well plotted and paced, there were no enormous U-turns or people throwing themselves heedlessly into danger, it was all good stuff, making you turn the pages by virtue of being good quality.

It’s also good to read a book that deals positively with disabilities, here that was a group of middle aged women with Down’s syndrome, I have no experience of whether it was realistic treatment but I hope it was as felt very genuine.

I’m glad to see it’s the start of a series and I’ll look forward to the next installment.