The Forgotten Garden

by Kate Morton

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Featured image for The Forgotten Garden

This is a tangled up tale that goes back and forward in time connecting up the life of Nell, who was found abandoned on a ship from England to Australia as a four year old in 1913. Nell traces her own past to Cornwall in the 1970s, and then her granddaughter Cassandra follows the trail after Nell’s death in the 2000s. I found it a bit slow going to start with but it quickly turned into a real page turner. At times the crossovers between the timelines of the story become a little too twee, and information seems to fall into people’s hands a little too easily, but overall it’s well paced. There are still surprises to be had in the final pages and they didn’t feel like they came out of the blue. Nice book to lose yourself in for a while.