The Distant Echo

by Val McDermid

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Featured image for The Distant Echo

There are definite echoes of A Place of Execution here: a two part story of the investigation into the death of Rosie Duff, a nineteen year old found stabbed to death just before Christmas 1978 in St Andrews. Four students drunk on their way home from a party find her in the snow and become the chief suspects. Nothing can ever be proved and twenty five years later, 2003, the cold case is reopened.

I like books like this a lot; seeing people in two different ages and seeing how they change in themselves and how their relationships change. And then seeing how the unsolved murder has affected all of their lives makes a great character study.

As with A Place of Execution it’s quite possible to see the twist coming without it spoiling the story for you. I like the fact that the clues are all fair and above board. It seems a bit obvious in places but mostly that’s just hiding the fact that McDermid is being very devious indeed.

Well worth a read.