Summer School

by Domenica De Rosa

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Featured image for Summer School

I’ve enjoyed reading Elly Griffiths’ crime books and discovered somewhere along the way that this was a pseudonym of Domenica De Rosa. De Rosa’s books looked rather girly and chick lit like and not really my kind of thing. When I spotted one in the library though I picked it up to have a look and ended up absorbed by it.

The ‘Summer School’ of the title is a fortnight long writing workshop taking place in a renovated castle in Tuscany. The characters seemed a bit stereotypical to start with but most of them broke enough boundaries that they seemed like real enough people. It is all a little predictable and I guessed where several of the storylines were going but that didn’t really matter. There were a few things that didn’t seem quite right, for example, a character who only seemed to be remembered once every 100 pages. I think there is something a bit odd about reading about a writers workshop - it made me want to rewrite parts of this book! That’s not something I usually think about!

On the whole though, a decent piece of light entertainment and I’ll quite possibly read more at some point in the future.