Second Honeymoon

by Joanna Trollope

Sunday, April 29, 2007

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Joanna Trollope’s one of those authors I enjoy whilst finding their books a bit much sometimes. In her case it’s usually because I find the characters a bit too posh to be feel real to me. But I usually end up enjoying things. I liked this more than I remembered enjoying the last couple of her books.

Here we have a couple who have just waved their youngest child off and have the empty nest to deal with. Edie, mother of the family wants the children back, whilst, Russell, father of the family, wants the titular second honeymoon. Their children come across various crises that lead to Edie getting her wish, sort of, whilst Russell figures other things out.

Although, as I say, they’re all a bit upper class, it actually ends up ringing quite true to me. The children do behave like children with their upbringings often seem to, and some of the silly things seemed less silly by the end of the book.

Enjoyable, and recommended if you like a bit of domestic drama.