Now You See Them (Stephens & Mephisto Mystery, #5)

by Elly Griffiths

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Featured image for Now You See Them (Stephens & Mephisto Mystery, #5)

I got through the first four in this series in the spring lockdown so it seemed appropriate to read the fifth in the autumn lockdown. I’m a bit disappointed to be at the end of the series now and hope that there are more. This one jumps forward about a decade taking us into the Brighton of the 1960s. At first it felt like something had been lost but in the end I enjoyed finding out about the ways in which the lives of the characters had moved on, and it’s probably far more reasonable to think that a big murder investigation only appears for the same characters every few years than every few months. Though this wasn’t a particularly expansive plot considering some of the earlier entries in the series nor was it the deepest of mysteries. I saw through it pretty easily but that’s not a criticism as it’s nice to feel clever once in a while, and I really liked the epilogue-ish bit at the end which I hoping is a teaser for future books.