MI5 and Me: A Coronet Among the Spooks

by Charlotte Bingham

Friday, July 5, 2019

Featured image for MI5 and Me: A Coronet Among the Spooks

I picked this up randomly at the library thinking that the story of a young girl working for the secret services in the 1950s sounded interesting. I realised the author had written lots of probably romance-ish books that I’ve never read, but that’s fine, I often think that older female authors seem to have much more outrageous lives than the ones they write about. I missed the blurb on the cover telling me it was a “stone cold comic classic” though.

I can’t really say I enjoyed it. I mostly found it stupid rather than funny, that’s probably me rather than the book as I’m never very good with funny books anyway. I was never quite sure if I was in “truth is stranger than fiction” territory or how much it was embellished or if any of it was true to start with. It had its moments but I only really finished it so I could tick it off.