Lean Fall Stand

by Jon McGregor

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Featured image for Lean Fall Stand

This grew on me as I read it. In the beginning it’s a bit of a boy’s own adventure in Antarctica and though the characters were interesting, and the setting was both unusual and intriguing to me, the book just wasn’t really holding my attention. I gave it a second chance and things got a lot more interesting later in the book. If the star rating could be interactive then I’d have given it just two or three stars for the first bit and five stars for later bits. I realised later that there were no female characters in the first bit - not really a criticism, there were only three characters and having them all male made sense and was a deliberate choice, it certainly wasn’t one of those cases where the author just hasn’t thought about it - but it is a small explanation for why I didn’t find the first bit appealing. It would have been a different book otherwise I think. All in all I didn’t love it as consistently as I did Reservoir 13 but in the end I still thought it was pretty good.