by Iain Reid

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Cover of Foe

I only picked this up to read because Darren told me to. So, I went into it completely blind. Not even a read of the blurb. One of the those books where I have not the vaguest idea what is happening or even what genre the book would be in.

Which means I really don’t want to tell you what to expect with it either!

Talking about it afterwards I figured out what was going on before Darren did, he said he felt like he could read it over again to pick the clues up. I felt I’d picked up enough clues the first time through. I think it was a good book either way. There were some things I didn’t really see the significance of so maybe a reread would work.

Anyway, reasonably recommended. Plus it was a very quick read, books have really not been keeping my attention lately so that was a bonus.