Dead Water (Shetland, #5)

by Ann Cleeves

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Featured image for Dead Water (Shetland, #5)

I really enjoyed the “Shetland Quartet”. A good linked set of mysteries that had an ongoing story arc that finished off neatly in the fourth book. Which made me rather dubious, almost dismayed, when I saw Ann Cleeves was writing more of them. I know they have been successful but I would rather that the characters had been left alone and the author had found some more good ones to tell me about. I resolved not to read these.

But I couldn’t leave it be either. When I realised the titles (with Water and Air) were hinting at another limited frame for the story (the first books used Black, White, Red & Blue) I decided to give it a try and read on. I’m glad I did now, this was an excellent mystery. One of those where you can’t believe any character guilty of murder but where it is entirely believable when all in revealed. The atmosphere of Shetland is as good as ever. I’m looking forward to the next one.