Dark Pines

by Will Dean

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Featured image for Dark Pines

 Well the last free book I downloaded from Apple Books wasn’t great so the first thing I did was try reading another…

…and this worked out much better.

Tuva is a youngish journalist working for a small town newspaper in Sweden. She’s obviously destined for greater things but has ended up here for now as she wants to be near to her terminally ill mother. She’s also deaf which gives a really interesting twist to the story. A series of murders that happened in the deep forest near the town in the nineties appear to have started up again, and though it doesn’t start out as a straight up murder investigation by the journalist it pretty much ends up that way. Tuva has her own reasons for disliking the forest and the atmosphere of her surroundings is very well written. On the whole it’s a really engaging story with a decent enough plot. I, pretty much by accident, latched onto who the murderer was early in the story but it definitely didn’t spoil the story, not least because I assumed I was probably wrong and picking up on red herrings. I enjoyed it and the book didn’t need a massive twisty ending to be entertaining.

A series I think I’ll probably return to in the future.