Autumn (Seasonal, #1)

by Ali Smith

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Featured image for Autumn (Seasonal, #1)

Oh, where to start? I find Ali Smith immensely easy to read, but her books are like a box full of jigsaw pieces. The picture is (perhaps) all there but you need to do a lot of work before you can see it and the box lid doesn’t give much away. Page to page I love the little insights into the characters but I look back at the end of the book and wonder exactly what happened. My brain needs longer to process this. I’ve gone straight on to reading Winter but whether that will help any with the processing remains to be seen. One thing I do want to note is how this manages to be very ‘in the moment’ of the 2016 it was written in, which makes it already seem a little dated in the 2020 I’m reading it in, and I’m wondering whether in the future it will seem to have time-capsule features or whether it will just seem even more dated. It’s fun, but weird fun.