The Angels of Venice

by Philip Gwynne Jones

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Featured image for The Angels of Venice

Loved this! I’ve enjoyed the whole series but this one really seemed to flow. It’s set in November 2019 when Venice was hit by the worst floods in 50 years and the atmosphere is very strong. What with the rain, the tides and Nathan running out of non-saturated clothing. Nathan, who is British Honorary Consul in Venice (a title far grander than the actual job he does) has to deal with the death of a young British woman, and in having to deal with her bereaved father decides he needs to find out more as the police aren’t going to. I like the sort of official investigative angle that he has whilst still mostly being an amateur detective. It works nicely.

I enjoyed the cast of characters, most of them shady in some way, that meant that you were never quite certain whodunnit, but they were all interesting. Some of them could be simply summarised with a two word stereotype but they were all bigger than that. There were a couple of points in the plot where I thought the foreshadowing was a little heavy handed but only a couple, mostly I just sat back and enjoyed the story going past. Writing this now I’m wondering about a point in the plot that I don’t remember getting cleared up, but things don’t always do, and it wasn’t a hole, just something that I’ve realised I was expecting to get resolved.

Either way, it was a fun read and I’m enjoying this series more with every book and hope it carries on for a while yet!