A Snapshot of Murder

by Frances Brody

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Cover of A Snapshot of Murder

One of those books - and there seem to be a lot of them, so I feel like it’s most probably more me than the book - that takes a long time to get going. I don’t honestly know what the problem was, I like the character of Kate Shackleton and seeing her life in the 1920s, I’m not picking up a book like this looking for a fast paced thriller ride, I’m definitely happy with a slower pace. Maybe I just want the puzzle to get started.

Once it gets going it’s interesting enough, it’s always good to visit Haworth even, maybe especially, in fiction. I liked the plot once it was flowing and though there were a couple of threads that seemed to peter out and/or I missed something I enjoyed it well enough.

I’ll probably be back for another installment and I’ll probably say much the same things about it!