Yearly Book Roundup

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Read on January 3, 2008

Last year’s book roundup.

I read 77 books in 2007, which was plenty and more than I’d expected to get through. Only 7 books were non fiction, but that’s about the ratio I like, and I read ten out of the thirteen books on the Booker Prize longlist which I really enjoyed doing.

I bought only 14 of the books I read, 12 of them in 2007 (the only 12 books I bought in 2007) and 2 left over from 2006. I did discover BookMooch though and have acquired a few books from there, mostly those are going back on BookMooch when I’m finished with them so they aren’t taking up house space. I’ve been clearing out lots of paperback books that I’m not going to read again and plan to carry on doing that during 2008.

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