The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

Cover of The Alice Network

A quick moving two threaded spy story that I enjoyed. The first thread is set in 1947 and begins with a young American woman, Charlie, trying to find her French cousin Rose who vanished during the second world war. The other thread concerns Eve, who is a similar age in 1915 but working as a spy for the British in the occupied France of the first world war. Charlie’s search leads her to an older bitter version of Eve and the two stories intertwine as they play out. I enjoyed seeing the female side of espionage even where the realities and horrors of war were really rather harrowing. I thought it was well plotted and the pages kept turning, I’ll be seeking out the author again, especially as the notes at the end made it clear there was quite a lot of research and historical accuracy involved in the plot.

More information about this book can be found on goodreads.

Read on December 22, 2020

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