July Baking

This is one of a series of belated updates figuring out whether I reached my self imposed target of baking 52 things in 2013. By the end of June I was up to 30, but that was where I started to forget to keep the records up to date…

  1. More Victoria SpongesMore Victoria Sponges
    My second set of mini Victoria Sponges were made to take to a family party.
  2. Mini Coffee & Walnut CakesMini Coffee & Walnut Cakes
    Another set of mini sandwich cakes, taken to the same family party.
  3. Strawberry & Raspberry PuddingStrawberry and Raspberry Pudding This is basically just a cake mix popped on top of some fresh berries in an individual pot and eaten warm with ice cream, on the terrace on a warm summer evening. Very yummy indeed.

That’s 33/52, which is still ahead of target for 7/12 of the way through a project.

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