RIP Ceefax

I have far more affection for Ceefax, the Oracle and 4-Tel than I have for most things broadcast on the TV. I’m much more of a textual data person than an audio/visual one, even when you have to wait for the pages to flick over. Sad to hear of its demise.

Ceefax Goodbye

From the archives:

Kirsty's Birthday

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One reply to “RIP Ceefax”

  1. Dad says:

    I know what you mean about ceefax. Very sad day indeed.

    I’m just pleased now that I had the idea of at least capturing your names all those years ago on old fashioned film. I wonder if any of the other names in this photo have a record of their special day? I doubt it.

    As Alvin Toffler said in his great book, Future Shock, ‘constant change is here to stay’.

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