Amazon Really Want To Know Why I’m Cancelling?

I was cancelling an order at Amazon and they asked me to tell them why, so I started to tell them why in the nice big box they gave me, and then…

found that they were only giving me ten characters (set with “maxlength=10” in the source code) to tell them!

Doesn’t leave much to do apart from swear at them! Certainly no space for the treatise on international trade and the digital economy that I had in mind. I’d rather they didn’t ask at all.

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One reply to “Amazon Really Want To Know Why I’m Cancelling?”

  1. Dad says:

    Even the great Amazon site has flaws eh? You’re good at English… I’m sure you can come up with something just using ten characters. Think of it like ready steady cook… using only five ingredients conjure up a seven course gourmet meal for four.

    Here’s my go:


    and then let them figure it out!


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