Flickr Pics 22nd September 2008

Under IXUnder VIIIUnder VIIPool IIIUnder VIUnder VDora IBall IIBall ISlide VI

Pool IIUnder IVUnder IIIPool IUnder IIUnder ISlide VSlide IVSlide IIISlide II

Slide ILoire SwimmingAmboise XAmboise IXAmboise VIIIAmboise VIIAmboise VIAmboise VAmboise IVAmboise III

Amboise IIAmboise IL'Escalier Denis Papin VIIL'Escalier Denis Papin VIL'Escalier Denis Papin VL'Escalier Denis Papin IVL'Escalier Denis Papin IIIL'Escalier Denis Papin IIL'Escalier Denis Papin ILoire at Blois

Loire IILoire IChuck Her In!Boulogne VIIBoulogne VIBoulogne VBoulogne IVBoulogne IIIBoulogne IIBoulogne I

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