What’s In My Patch?

  • Tomatoes:
    • Sweet Million grown from seed, doing well but still in the propagator; going into pots this week and then into gro-bags in a few weeks.
    • Gartenperle grown from a free pack of seeds with a magazine; as above.
    • Tomazing [A]free-ish plant from a mag; in pot on windowsill awaiting gro-bag.
  • French Beans: dwarf grown from seed, in pots on the windowsill now, going into containers outside in a couple of weeks.
  • Sweetcorn: minipop just planted these in the propogator yesterday.
  • Courgette: Black Forest as [A] above.
  • Carrots: Ideal these are baby carrots, the seeds are ready to be planted outside and say they can go in grobags but I can’t work out quite how to sow them? Hmmm.
  • Aubergine: Moneymaker as [A] above.
  • Basil: Sweet Green seedlings had the lid removed from the propagator too early; am wondering if they will recover; need to get some more herb seeds to sow.
  • Chilli: Anaheim I thought these seeds weren’t going to germinate but one has just appeared. Hurray!
  • Squashes:
    • Maiden Poll these are little green squashes but don’t seem to be germinating which is a bummer as I love squashes.
    • Ghostrider these are proper Halloween type pumpkins I think; as [A]!
  • Calabrese: Sakura aka broccoli. germinated fabulously, had loads of seedlings and have planted a few into pots ready to go into bigger pots outside this month. and some seedlings got shoved straight into a pot outside to see if they could fend for themselves as i had loads.
  • Pepper: Summer Salad another one as [A].
  • Radish: Jolly; seeds planted in a pot outside last week; more seeds to plany every couple of weeks.
  • Onions:
    • Red Beard these are red spring onions and the seeds were planted in a pot outside last week. more to plant every couple of weeks.
    • Turbo these were some left over onion sets that Brian gave me; I put a few in pots outside yesterday.
  • Leaves: all had seeds planted in a pot outside last week, and I have more seeds to sow every couple of weeks.
    • Spinach Tetona
    • Lettuce Mix
    • Italian Leaf Mix

That’s more than I thought I had when I started writing it up!

Everything is in pots or gro-bags this year; if things grow well in the spot I’ve bagged then I’ll see about building some proper raised beds next year!

The ones noted with [A] are were five plants I bought from a “free” plant offer with a magazine; I think they were £3.50 for postage and packing and it seemed like a reasonable deal to get some variety without having to buy six packs of plants I don’t have the space for or raising more seedlings.

I also want to get some strawberry plants for my pots; and ought to get various other herbs going too.

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  1. kirsty says:Author

    Three of my little squashes have finally decided to germinate! I moved them onto a sunnier windowsill which may have helped. And I have four chilli seedlings now as well.

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