Flickr Pics 17th April 2008

Rope Bridge IIRope Bridge IAberystwyth Castle IIIAberystwyth Castle IIAberystwyth Castle IWorn OutAberystwyth PanoramaAberystwyth IObtain Shunt TokenStory from Grandad

Story from GrandmaChess VY Bwtri Blasus IIIY Bwtri Blasus IIY Bwtri Blasus IAberdovey Panorama IIAberdovey Panorama IAberdovey IIIAberdovey IIAberdovey I

Swings IIISwings IISwings ISwingsHelter SkelterHelter Skelter VHelter Skelter IVHelter Skelter IIIRoundabout IIRoundabout I

Helter Skelter IIHelter Skelter IChess IVChess IIIChess IIChess I

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