Miranda’s Advent Calendar

Pattern at Hobbycraft – though I accidentally ignored it in certain strategic places, it probably would have been better if I paid attention! (Also, we’ll forget about the bit where I threw the sewing machine across the room! Stupid thread tangling machine!)

I’m a bit worried about filling 24 pockets for the next n years, but I guess I can always just resort to the all chocolates, all the time plan if need be.

I’d like a star for the top like in the patten, but my sewing wasn’t going to work on that one, so am waiting for more inspiration.

For the record this year she’s got 5 Happyland people & animals, 3 cars, 3 Batman model bits, a xmas dec (scheduled for the day we put the tree up), 2 packs of Thomas the Tank Engine stickers, a pack of xmas snap cards (in the big pot pocket for the 24th), a bouncy ball, and the remaining 8 are bits of woolies pick’n’mix sweets. It all came in at about £15, which I didn’t think was too bad really! (And I’ve got some bits left over for her stocking too.)

I just hope she gets her head round the “one a day” thing!

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3 replies to “Miranda’s Advent Calendar”

  1. Tony says:

    Gosh, that was a difficult question… add up 2 and 3 to get a single digit! Even I can do that!!

    Don’t you realise that sewing machines have feelings?

    I think Miranda’s advent calendar looks lovely.

    And I hope she can’t read this yet, otherwise the cat is definitely out of the bag!!!

    ps… maybe you should get into the habit of dividing 24 by 11 and getting 2 little pressies per month from Jan thro November?

  2. kirsty says:Author

    Gosh, that was a difficult question… add up 2 and 3 to get a single digit! Even I can do that!!

    Well done, thousands of spam comment creating robots can’t manage it 🙂

    Miranda seems to like the calendar, only complaint was “I can’t reach it!” – rather the idea!

  3. Tony says:

    Ahhh… I wasn’t aware that there were ‘spam creating robots’!! What will they think of next?

    This time is was one and four to get a single digit… I had to think about this one too… but just about managed it.

    Miranda must be getting down the little pressies now… and cluttering up the house no doubt?

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