Flickr Pics 16th June 2007

Self PortraitHelicopterHarlyn Bay IVHarlyn Bay IIIHarlyn Bay IIHarlyn Bay IPadstow Harbour IIPadstow Harbour ITintagel IIITintagel II

Tintagel IArtists at WorkFireman Sam & MirandaOn the Beach IIOn the Beach IPaddling VIIIPaddling VIIPaddling VIPaddling VPaddling IV

Paddling IIIPaddling IIPaddling IFish & Chips VFish & Chips IVFish & Chips IIIFish & Chips IIFish & Chips I...Or Else...Farm Playground III

Farm Playground IIFarm Playground IPort Isaac Harbour VPort Isaac Harbour IVPort Isaac Harbour IIIPort Isaac Harbour IIPort Isaac Harbour IMint Choc Chip IVMint Choc Chip IIIMint Choc Chip II

Mint Choc Chip IFlip FlopsPadstow Beach IIPadstow Beach I

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