miranda at 150 words

an insight into the life of a 20 month old, as revealed by her 150 word vocabulary:

aeroplane, apple, baaa, baby, bag, ball, balloon, banana, bang, bath, beach, beans, bear, bed, bedtime, bee, beebies (for cbeebies), bird, blue, boat, bob (for bob the builder), boing, boo, book, boots, bounce, box, bread, bruise, bubbles, bum, bus, butterfly, bye-bye, bzzzz, cake, car, cat, chair, change, cheese, chicken, chocolate, circle, clock, coat, cold, cup, daddy, dark, dazzles (for razzledazzle), dig, dirty, dog, doing, down, eyes, fall down, fish, flowers, football, goal, gone, got, gran, grandad, green, hands, hat, hen, horsey, hot, house, hurray, juice, kick, knee, light, milk, mommy, monkey, moo, moon, more, mouth, mucky, mushroom, naughty, ni-night, no, nose, nursery, one, orange, outside, paper, peas, pencil, pennies, peppa, plate, poo, pop, postman pat, potty, purple, quack quack, raining, ready, red, road, sam (for firemen in general not just fireman sam), sauce, sausage, seaside, shoes, shower, sky, sleep, slide, socks, soon, sore, square, stairs, star, sun, sweet, tea, teatime, tea towel, teddy, teeth, tights, toast, tomato, towel, train, tree, tumble (for mr. tumble), two, up, wash, water, weeble, wood, yellow, yes, yoghurt, zan

i’ve been trying to write them all down for a few days. no doubt there are some i’ve missed. there are plenty more things she says when she repeats them after us, or snatches of songs that she sings (“round and round all day long!”), but these are all words she comes up with by herself without prompting.

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3 replies to “miranda at 150 words”

  1. kirsty says:Author

    i wrote that while she was out with grandma & grandad this afternoon. she’s been home about an hour, add

    bad, bike, catch, hiya, nice, potato, sea, top, tower

    to that list.

    it feels like expansion at an exponential rate.

  2. kirsty says:Author

    and by bedtime we’d also remembered

    bib, cream, laa-laa, people, po, read, swimming, teletubbies, zip

    it’s like standing under a waterfall of words.

  3. Tony says:

    Is it time to teach Miranda …Peach pear plum, I smell tom thumb… thingy yet?

    It’s fascinating just how many she knows already. I only wish we’d had the sense to write down your words when you starting to chatter! But I do remember that you could read like an adult at about seven! At this rate Miranda is going to be ahead of you… 🙂

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