Monosyllabic Miranda

(Almost) everything is monosyllabic with Miranda at the moment (she’s 17 months). Or not even monosyllabic, just the beginnings of things. We have

  • ba = ball
  • ba = balloon
  • ba = bath
  • ba = bag
  • do = dog
  • do = dolly
  • dow = down!
  • wa = water
  • wa = watch!
  • wa = warm (possibly)
  • ho = hot hot hot (in big cook little cook style)
  • tih! toh! = tick tock
  • so = socks
  • su = shoes
  • su = sun
  • sa = sand
  • so = sore

other fuller words/phrases:

  • dadda (not always daddy)
  • momma (rarely for mommy)
  • gramma (for grandma enid)
  • all gone! (favourite phrase for ages now)
  • more!
  • no! (very definite about this one all of a sudden!)
  • yeah, yeah, yeah
  • gone!
  • where’s it gone?
  • is there!
  • woh! tuh! (pause where ‘three’ should be.) (then she jumps, or whatever.)
  • nee nah! (= ride on car, it’s red – i think we’re getting muddled up with fire engines in books)
  • here-za! (=here’s zan (one of the cats))
  • here-he-ih (=here he is, for peppa, the other cat)
  • ickle ickle ickle (=tickle)
  • ro ro (= row row row your boat or round and round the garden)

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One reply to “Monosyllabic Miranda”

  1. Dad says:

    Been looking back at your weblog, clicked on the tag for Miranda and have just sat and read through her early linguistic experience. Have to say it’s very amusing and enlightening too!

    Given her abilities with words now it’s hard to believe she ever struggled at all, but it’s really fun to be able to read about her efforts at 17 months. And even more interesting that you’ve recorded her early chatter for us all to enjoy as she (and we) get older!

    Great fun 🙂

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