cool new (to me anyway) google feature: google calculator. nothing very complicated but handy because, well, because google is always to hand really.

i thought the units were a bit limited to begin with but i’ve changed my mind. so long as you don’t ask it to do wonkily dimensioned calculations it seems to manage everything i throw at it: the speed of light in furlongs per fortnight, converts stones into kilograms and plenty more. (i can’t get it to do anything with firkins yet though.)

a very neat idea to integrate this kind of thing into google.

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The Big Dig by Linda Barnes

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A bit disappointing on the whole. After a long wait for the latest of Carlotta Carlyle’s adverntures I wasn’t as thrilled as I hoped to be. I was pleased with the way Barnes is taking Carlotta’s character forwards and the directions that some of the recurring characters are going off in wasn’t what I would have expected – this is a good thing. Whether it’s true or not I’m not sure, but it feels to me like this series has used the ‘two unrelated plotlines veering together on a collision course’ thing too many times before. It’s not an unbelievable coincidence that drags the two halves of the story together really, just as it hasn’t been before, and I did enjoy it, it just wasn’t quite as plausible as I’d have liked.

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Purchased on 7th August 2003.