i’ve got those segmentation …

i’ve got those segmentation violation, core dump blues…. every time i find a copy of this, which i originally saw via /usr/games/fortune in about 1990, the link dies. so i’ll copy it here so i don’t lose it again. i’d credit it if i knew who put it together to start with.

Well, my terminal’s locked up, and I ain’t got any Mail,
And I can’t recall the last time that my program didn’t fail;
I’ve got stacks in my structs, I’ve got arrays in my queues,
I’ve got the : Segmentation violation — Core dumped blues.

If you think that it’s nice that you get what you C,
Then go : illogical statement with your whole family,
‘Cause the Supreme Court ain’t the only place with : Bus error views.
I’ve got the : Segmentation violation — Core dumped blues.

On a PDP-11, life should be a breeze,
But with VAXen in the house even magnetic tapes would freeze.
Now you might think that unlike VAXen I’d know who I abuse,
I’ve got the : Segmentation violation — Core dumped blues.

i couldn’t get fortune to give that to me. i was wondering if it had been updated since the days of the pdp-11. i found some hideously geeky jokes while looking:

Catching his children with their hands in the new, still wet, patio, the father spanked them. His wife asked, “Don’t you love your children?” “In the abstract, yes, but not in the concrete.”

if i put the …

if i put the effort i take in writing nonsense in emails in a month and put it all towards another cause do you think i could write a novel in a month? compared to other writing contests that’s positively leisurely. i could just make the nonsense emails into a book of course. though i think that was darren’s idea first. besides the fact that it’s already been done.

more fame and fortune. …

more fame and fortune. loquax is in the top ten uk sites according to the good web guide. we’re in the company of the bbc, google, amazon, yahoo, guardian unlimited, cheapflights, ebay, lakeland and timeout. not bad company to keep 🙂

house buying gets quicker, …

house buying gets quicker, sort of. plans for online conveyancing can only be a good thing. one minor problem:

the proposed system – which would involve solicitors signing up to a customised electronic method of exchanging documents and contracts linked to a land registry central database – could be introduced by 2010.

2010?? and the first pilot study taking place in 2005? what are they up to that takes this long to plan out?

of course if this were the software for a national id card scheme they’d be able to get it up and running in a matter of weeks… something that helps the general public though? no chance.

word of the day: …

word of the day: peculation. to peculate is to participate in embezzlement. i have no use for it but i found it in the agatha christie i was escaping in at lunchtime and it has a lovely ring to it.